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It’s just numbers right?


What is money anyways? It’s just paper right? Or numbers? I mean, I know we all agree money’s worth something. But that’s only because we all agree to agree. In actual terms it’s worth nothing. It’s just printed paper. And numbers. Numbers aren’t worth anything. Have these numbers… 3747 4858 96954 22. They’re yours. See. Worthless.

So you might as well give your numbers to one of the following fine retailers. Who, in exchange, will send you some garms. Plus, all the dopery I’m about to reveal is on sale right now. So you’ll have to give fewer numbers away to get it. Not that that should make any difference. Numbers are worth bum-nothing. As we’ve established.

If you’re thinking about copping the Nanamica blazer above, forget it. I know a slender brah, who told me today he’s gonna grab the last small from over at The Bureau. That said, there’s a bundle more, super reduced, top swag still online and perfect for wear now and well into autumn. Here’s eight that have caught my eye…

This weekend at Garbstore, they’re doing 20% off, the already reduced sale prices, on jackets… Enter this code Ncz6e8ek at the checkout to slice off more dollar-dollar-bills.


I don’t know why this Norse Projects, camo number hasn’t sold, they’ve still got all the sizes. With the code above you could grab this for around 80 bones.


The classic Post Overalls Engineers Jacket. I’ve covered this before, I still love it and still haven’t bought it. It’s down to 171 in the sale, plus, or rather minus, 20%. I don’t know what that works out at, but it’s definitely a lesser amount. I’d swag this myself, if I had a spare lesser amount.


Still at Garbstore there’s this Garbstore x AXS Folk Technology tote. They’ve had these a while and maybe the digi-camo thing is a bit tired, but even so for 51 quids, it’s basically paying you to buy it. In a, sort of, non-actual sense.


Garbstore haven’t shifted many of these Ts either. Dunno why, maybe they’ll find a home at the reduced 28 gold pieces they are now asking. I quite like the pointless felty patch. No idea what it means. I’m not sure it matters at 28 quid.


If you’ve got a spare couple of hundred, head to Oi Polloi  for this beautiful A.P.C parka. Two-way zip fastening, press stud storm flap and handwarmer pockets come as standard. I think the two (slightly lower than breast) breast pockets give this thing a modernism lacking in more traditional parkas. Not sold? It was on at 395, so it’s basically half price. Yeah baby, now you’re feeling it.


If you do fancy some Nanamica (and my bro has successfully swagged that blazer) what about this? Yeah, it’s pale blue. But I kind of think that pale blue is the new not pale blue. The finishing on Nanamica is off the charts, the little branded buttons and the lining detail totally blow up. It’s on at 186, down from about 300 and there’s still a medium and a large in stock.


This Norse Projects popover is a pretty banging basic. The white top stitching rules large. You can grab it for 60 Europeans over at the Projects.


I’m not really a denim jacket man. I did have a classic Helmut Lang one from the 90s. I lent it to my boo and she chopped the cuffs off, so she could roll the sleeves up. I’m still laughing about that.

To be fair, this one is infinitely superior. It’s by household name Brú Na Bóinne. And that pocket, just sitting there in the middle, totally makes it. It’s now 138 quid, down from 230 and genuinely, as I type this, I’m considering deleting this bit, so no one else steams in and buys my size. Fuck it, I’m now seriously in two minds about just buying it myself, right now. How much is 138 quid, if you don’t have 138 quid? Is it real? I mean, it’s just a 1 a 3 and an 8. I’m reaching for my credit card. Does it really matter? It’s just numbers right?


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