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Parody pocket


Look at this. What do you see? A T-shirt with two real pockets and one drawn on pocket? Get out. Leave. Just go, go now and close the internet behind you.

Obviously, that isn’t what this is. It’s by Comme des Garçons broseph, it obviously means something. Something clever. About pockets. Probably, something really clever about pockets.



The Comme des Garçons Pocket brand, umbrellas products such as the ever expanding range of PLAY items, leather goods and fragrances. In some locations, it’s now housed in specific CDG Pocket stores and concessions. There’s a digital concession over at the impenetrably, Japan-writey Zozotown. But sadly, they don’t seem to sell these shirts in Dover Street, which is a shame as I’m rather down with the idea of two real and one pointlessly unreal pocket. Although, I’m sure it’s not pointless, I just too thicky to understand it.




As you can see, they do them with a single pocket too – although, only the most incurable philistine would choose that. Seems to me, one of these is a T-shirt with a pocket on… while the other is concerned with making a deeply insightful  statement, about the erosion of formality and functionality in personal transportation, through the addition of a parody pocket. Clearly work of enormous cultural value, and to art aficionados, virtually priceless. To the rest of us, it’s 50 quid plus postage.

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