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Full-contact boules


So, I’m imprisoned above these words, gif-ing away like a wanglord, because why exactly? It’s because, as a full-time scholar of electronic internetism, I wanted to use the most dynamic shit available to get you to think about pockets.

As the season wriggles forward, neatly avoiding any sustained periods of good weather, the brightest news comes from regular, online drops of bro-wear. A standout for me is the pocketed sweatshirt. Or maybe pocketed top. It depends what it’s made of. But it’s definitely got pockets and a round neck. Most crucially, it can’t have a hood – we’re not talking about some waz from Sports Direct here. This is a reworked streetstyle staple, seen through a Scandinavian lens. Or Japanese.
So in summary, here’s three of the best, next tier, sweatshirts (or sort of top things) with pockets.

The Our Legacy Pullover Sweater in oil blue and its stylistic partner in grey linen, have been blowing up online over the last week.



You can cop them over at Oi Polloi if you move fast. Both styles are on at a robust, 174 quids – which does strike me as odd as the blue is made from polyester and the grey is in linen. I’m assuming the cost of each of those raw materials is not identical?





Still, it’s a beautifully simple, boxy design and the addition of the drawcord takes this to uncharted territory. No question, it’s too smart for an strenuous session of full-contact Boules. But also, too casual for enjoying a platter of lamb cutlets with a minor Royal.

When would a bro actually wear it…?  If you dropped £174 on one of these, I’m guessing, just about all the time.

Next up, it’s an offering from Blue Blue Japan. The eagle eyed will notice immediately, it’s not got two pockets. Only one. You also might notice it looks scruffy as balls. Well, that’s as maybe. But, it’s the kind of ‘scruffy as balls’ that only a heavy indigo dyed, Japanese construction and 198 dollar dollar bills delivers. You can wang your papes at Union Made if you fancy.


Finally, there’s this from Nanamica, over at Haven. It’s probably the most perfect example of the phenomenon thus far.


SweatCrewNeckShirtHeatherGray6_1024x1024  SweatCrewNeckShirtHeatherGray5_1024x1024

It’s in French terry knit cotton and boasts a luxe-basic vibe, with its  inserted v-notch collar and raglan sleeves.  Maybe it’s almost too simple, I can’t make up my mind? 154 bones will get you one. And for some, the subtle (“what this old thing… – cough – it’s just a Japanese basic”) leather brand tag on the collar will be enough to convince label fanatics to drop.

Don’t sleep on this pockets on sweatshirts thing though. If you like the vibe, move on it now. Because give it two weeks and the gentleman’s high-streetists will be banging out sweat-shopped versions for the price of a quick cuddle and a bag of chips.

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