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The perfect thing to wear when… A guy with a beard and culottes manages to keep a straight face as he charges you £8.70 for a tiny croissant and a coffee served in a jam jar


When does an item of clothing start wearing its wearer? I suspect the sheer galaxy-class boldness of this garment might actually impede the free will of its owner. Dude’s got to be down with some seriously super-sized asymmetric paneling to tame this. I guess it’s more chore jacket than shirt. Not sure what I’d wear this with. Maybe I’d try and tether its force with some subdued navy chinos like the brotherman pictured. Or maybe I’d go full bore and chuck on some camo strides and a neon beanie and stand on Bellenden Road just yelling, “WHAT?”  However it’s styled, any dudes’ gonna hoover up the stares in this. The guys over at Folk thunk up this architecturally inspired chore, it’s part of their current S/S14 offering. I love it. But I’ve a tenner that says it’ll still be there come sale time?

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