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Tell me this isn’t the pizzness

Is pizzness a thing? I don’t know. I know that I keep inadvertently fist bumping the only black guy in my social circle. His quizzical expression suggests I’m ‘that guy’. The guy trying too hard to be street.  And now I look again at this sweater, I probably am that guy.



Thing is, even knowing that, this SOPHNET piece with its uncompromising mashing of nautical stripes and camo looks the bomb to me.


With this asset under your blaze-blaze, you’ll just look like every other bro-at-arms, ordering your steak frites, prodding your iPad, fingering your shades. An average dude, popping a sliver of seafaring stripe… move along people, move along, nothing to see here. But shrug that blazer off and it all gets naughty. All of a sudden there’s an argument of fabric on display. Bombs vs barnacles. Guerrilla warfare vs, you know, limpets and shit. Either way it’s a big piece. Big price too. End’s got ’em.

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