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Off-the-charts berserk

When you’re Google Translating text from Japanese menswear sites into English, it’s rare to find much of worth. Usually you get an apparently abstract block of breathless adjectives. And from this you try and pull the ethos of a freaky-looking brand you’ve never heard of.… Read More

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Someday it will be cool again

Animal prints have come a long way since their 80s association with Marlene from Only Fools and Horses and whatever ‘bit of skirt’ Minder’s Dennis Waterman was taking for a prawn cocktail. Or have they? Well, actually, no. Animal prints are still all about flouncery.… Read More

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That’s trainers dealt with

The insidious devotion to identical sneaker brands and styles exhibited by the attendees of international fashion weeks is remarkable. Particularly as these people position themselves at the pinnacle of individual style and creativity. Yeah, you’re wearing Balenciaga. And so is she. Yep, another pair of… Read More