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Someday it will be cool again

Animal prints have come a long way since their 80s association with Marlene from Only Fools and Horses and whatever ‘bit of skirt’ Minder’s Dennis Waterman was taking for a prawn cocktail. Or have they? Well, actually, no. Animal prints are still all about flouncery. They’re still for show offs. They’re still viewed through the eyes of the conformist middle-class as the preserve of the vulgarian.

Of course, these days animal print has been embraced by the ambrosia dependant world of streetwear – hence the frequency you see it used as camouflage by an ageing stylesman. But animal print’s power to look a little outré, even a bit crass, remains fundamental to its place in the cultural mix. Reason enough, I’d suggest, to check out these three new shirts from Sasquatchfabrix.

Rendered in winter-weight brushed cotton they are almost certainly irrelevant to your current sweltering circumstances. However, assuming climate change hasn’t been even more grossly underestimated than it already has been, someday it will be cool and you’ll be looking for this type of heat. Course, first you’ll have to choose your weapon. Giraffe, leopard and Tibetan tiger are the print options. And personally I think the classic leopard looks the most pokey.

You can grab these over at Locals Only, employing the services of your favourite proxy. They’re around the 180 quid mark, which even with proxy and postage, will work out cheaper than Goodhood’s inevitably enthusiastic markup.

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