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You might as well buy three

With the 80s stylings of a Michael Jackson leather (or Eddie Murphy’s stage get-up) this asymmetric YSTRDY’S TMRRW pullover will transport you back to a world of Funny Feet ices, Psion Organisers and dancing with tears in your eyes. Course, you may not be old enough to remember the 80s. Just trust me. Fashionable types from the members of Spandau Ballet to the head bully-boy down the precinct wore puffy, nylon tops like this. Crunchy, ballooning garments, with zips as wonky as Thatcher’s policies.

I’m not entirely convinced by the styling choices illustrated here. Sticking it with a pair of investment banker pinstripes, seems a little insensitive to me. As though it’s not enough to bring back a key 80s style, but let’s really rub it in by reminding everyone about the closing of the pits, reduced public spending and the wholesale privatisation of British industry. It’s almost as though it never crossed their minds at Japanese indie menswear retailer Coverchord.

In the true spirit of the 80s originals, this is constructed from a nylon blend, and while it doesn’t appear to pack any pockets, it does have a big dangling leather tassel on the zip and what appears to be a piece of giant shoelace stitched on the back to hang your garment up. The cost for this stylistic trip back in time is a trifling £177. Which back in the 80s was a lot of money. Obviously, thanks to decades of centre-right politics, it’s fuck all now, so you might as well buy three.

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