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Low-impact body-popping

You might have missed these trousers. Trump’s trying to convince anyone that’ll listen the exact opposite of what everyone definitely knows. May’s autopiloting us through a wormhole into a universe made of human dung. The major parties have burst like a bag of Skittles, members… Read More

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Colossal, difficult pants

We looked at Prospective Flow back in May. Based in LA, but with a clear reverence for traditional Japanese clothing, the brand offers loose, boxy pieces; perfect for an aspirant karate kid. The range is designed for layering. But beware. When you start piling on… Read More

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Just being kind

I woke this morning with the full intention of tubing it to Shoreditch High Street, marching to Goodhood, trying these trousers on, convincing myself I could get away with a large (in the absence of an extra large) and buying them. That I didn’t is… Read More