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Meanswhile: A cure for what ails you

I’ve got a lot of questions.

Are super-wide trousers going mainers? Hip Store are now knocking out a pair by FrizmWORKS for £100.

Could GQ get any duller? Dylan Jones is off. Cue global cabal of pinstriped droids at the helm: Tom Brady on the cover (again, again, again) anyone?

Is tucking your top into your trousers the new not tucking your top into your trousers? Who decided looking like you work at B&Q is cool?

Why has Brain Dead made a £320 jacket that looks like something from the shit end of Camden Market in 1993?

Just because you use words like like jawnz, jorts and gorp doesn’t mean you’re a twat  —  but does it make it more likely?

I don’t have any answers. With the Indian variant hightailing it across the country and the government telling us to go out, but not actually go out, I’m cocooning again, balled-up on the sofa, mangled questions my only company.

In times like these the only defence is to dress like a Japanese priest. Let’s calm things down. It’s time to add some zen to your Venn. (Just clamp your hands over your ears to muffle the sound of the cultural appropriation siren.)

We’re talking Meanswhile. You’ve got a Supima cotton and French linen blend, lightly speckled with delicate detail. A button loop here, a shiny snap there. The trousers are loose but not excessive. Damn, this is minimal to the maximum. It’s an amuse bouche for a mind woozy with a thousand trivial collabs and social media’s insistence that Jonah Hill in a pair of trainers represents the pinnacle of men’s style.

I could really do with this whole suit. I think it’d do me a great deal of good. Although I might have to try and get it on prescription, the brand is tough to get in the UK now that Alpha Shadows has gone. A few retailers seem to have a hat here or a lanyard there, but the up-front drops remain the preserve of the brand site and the odd US merchant.

Played really simply, with a white tee and some clean kicks, this would be a revelation. Subtly sophisticated, comfortable and nonchalantly next-level. No question.

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