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Birthdaysuit: A bit of writing here, a shark fin there…

Are chore jackets still a thing? I sometimes wonder if everyone who’s ever going to buy a chore jacket has already bought a chore jacket, meaning making new chore jackets is now a pointless exercise?

You do still see people wearing them though. Around Peckham, where I’m sat, it’s mostly those played-out Vetra styles in French blue: frequently flecked with paint for penniless art student cred. Although now and again you’ll spot a tourist from across the river, out cool-hunting (with his pushchair) in some diabolical, body-hugging moleskin number. Roll up, roll up for a game of ‘guess the dad brand’  — is it Banana Republic or Jack Wolfskin?

Beyond my slapdash market research the business of chore jacketing remains buoyant and if this piece from Korean imprint Birthdaysuit is anything to go by, still pretty interesting.

Embroidery makes everything better. And, as is the current vogue, this jacket features a number of doodle-style embellishments. A sun type scribble, a couple of palm trees, a bit of writing here, a shark fin there. Not quite the confident energy of a Story MFG, but charming nonetheless.

Of course it helps to have your jacket modelled by a crazy bro with a bowl cut you could mix pancakes in. (If I had a do like that anything would look good on me too.) But still, three pockets, double-woven quilted fabric and cuff buttons keep this thing straightforwardly wearable and doubtless fairly practical.

I think I’d wear it undone like our friend at the top of the page too. That whole buttoned-to-the-top, Bond-villain vibe feels rinsed to death right now.

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