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WYTHE: If the ‘tuck-in’ is back you’ll need a dandy belt

I recently bought a Needles ‘Quick Release Belt‘ — the one with the tassel bit detail. It’s fiddly to get on. I’m still working on my technique for achieving the required tightness, while simultaneously locking the ‘quick release’ latch in place. It doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

That said, once in position, it strikes a good balance between Midnight Cowboy street hustler and pirate king. Just the right side of glam   — exhibitionistic without coming off all Kardashian. Although, after years of Andersons and Fidlocked nylon (in every conceivable shade of blue) I have to say it does feel freaky wearing a belt covered in gold bits.

The dandyish belt doesn’t get a lot of play these days. There’s not much room for one when everyone’s marching about in baggy black jeans and sweats trying to out serious each other. It’s possible that (just like comedy ties or socks) many have relegated them to their mental trash compactor. But with many corners of the menswear internet pushing for a return to the ‘tuck-in’, it can’t be long before the statement belt slithers back into vogue.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the game, you might want to consider this monster from NYC makers Wythe. Titled the ‘Indian Leather Camp Belt’, it looks like a row about cultural appropriation waiting to happen. You’ve got canoes on there and trees. It looks like a belt I once got for my birthday as part of a cowboy outfit  — it included a stetson, a cap gun and a pair of plastic chaps. My wife really has to stop buying me that stuff.

Anyway, if you can look past the awkward identity theft and are happy to buy into Wythe’s rose-tinted Americana love-in, you’re left with what appears to be a beautifully crafted standout belt.

I’m digging on the natural leather finish and I’m in two minds about the giant ‘WYTHE’ running across the back. But on balance, I’d give this a run out.

It doesn’t seem to be available on the Wythe store, so if you’re keen you’ll have to head to Maidens Store and face down the ¥46,200 price ticket. 307 quid for a cowboy belt? Can I get a yeehaw?

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