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MFPEN: Bruno Tonioli with an AK

The ‘Exact Shirt‘ from MFPEN  — somewhere between a narcos enforcer and the drummer in Jools Holland’s boogie woogie band. This shirt is a warning all, whether your weapon of choice is a 9mm or jazz improv.

A banging blue and white stripe, with a contrast navy collar, sleeves and back, this thing is Thanos-level. It comes in simple poplin, but cut big, really big, so you’ll still catch that breeze on a warmer days. It’s all about that girth; wide and proud. You’ll wanna go baggy on the bottom too. Step the fuck back, cotton barricade coming through.

As though any further armoury was necessary, laser-white buttons and a spread collar take it nuclear. If your palette typically sits amongst the greys and olives you might fear this. And you’d be right to.

But according to the finest meteorological minds, after the weather stops acting all superfreak (snow and sun at the same time, what’s that about?) it’s going to get warmer and this is exactly the kind of post-lockdown, ‘notice me’ ammunition a dude’s going to need.

It’s art-house gangster. It’s Bruno Tonioli with an AK. Go weapons-free over at MFPEN.

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  1. D.A.

    Love their whole collection, very Veronique Branquinho feel, oversized.

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