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Studio Nicholson: Less is more (expensive)

The older I get, the less attractive I feel so the less I reach for minimalist clothing. I’ve always thought that really simple, paired back garments look best on the absurdly attractive. I mean, you have to be Gosling-level to make a plain white tee and chinos looks anything other than utterly mundane. Hence I’ve spent the last few years loading up with multi-pocketed gilets, flowery bucket hats and leopard-print shoes  — anything to distract from the slowly withering form within.

And yet, the appeal of the quiet remains. A restrained palette of navy and tan. A reliance on form over embellishment. Just a clean, gently progressive silhouette worn with the kind of confidence common to those with innate good taste. It’s why I keep coming back to Studio Nicholson. And why I can hear this cardigan whispering my name.

Admittedly, we’re hardly talking John Pawson austerity here. It’s a knit with some (I dare say utterly frivolous to the true minimalist) button stand trim. But as I say, with a wardrobe full of Monitaly and Engineered Garments, the absence of ten useless pockets is quite refreshing.

The main appeal is the round neck. Cardigans with round necks are the only cardigans right now. Anything that comes down in a v-shape should be dragged behind a car, incinerated and then beaten with sticks. Sure, the round-necked cardie recalls images of female twin-sets, but if that scares you, you’re on the wrong site.

Extra fine merino wool, rubberised buttons and contrasting colour slabs up the front: that’s your lot. That’ll be £295 if you please. Why does less always cost so much more? 

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