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Teneo: Getting the details game right

The collaboration between Teneo and The New Order Magazine has caught my eye. Check the Teneo Instagram to see brief videos showing three dudes strolling outside a Japanese shopping centre before stopping for a quick wrestle. Videos of bros getting their wrestle on are not typically my bag. But the clothing is another matter; dark, casual and boasting zig-zagging, contrast lace ribbon detail. Trust. It’s savagery.

I’ll tell you right now, the picture at the top of the page isn’t it. I expect the new issue of TNO to carry a feature, but for now it’s only available at a pop-up in Tokyo’s Estnation store. In the UK we’ll have to content ourselves with the remnants of Teneo’s AW20 collection, which, if you’re not familiar, still deserves a look.

This Bande shirt shows off the brand’s signature lace detail. There’s zig-zagging along hems in the new release, while here it runs up and down sleeves, across the back and down the front. If the combination of traditionally feminine lace and traditionally masculine shirting sets off your metaphor alarm, I’d suggest you need an upgrade. There’s nothing wildly new here  — Yohji’s been rinsing these ideas for decades  — but if your stylistic barometer peaks at ‘looks cool and interesting’ you’re on to something here.

I especially like how the lace ‘runs off’ the front hem. You’ll often see the stitching run off like this on Japanese shirts; it’s just left dangling there. I really must look into why that is one day. Dangling lace though, that’s another story. It’s a power-move, no doubt.

There are just a few sizes and colourways remaining over at Teneo  — unsurprising, keeping in mind where we are in the season — still, you might get lucky. I think I’m gonna hold tight, maybe the collaboration pieces will surface somewhere online soon?

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