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ROTOL: What to do after you’ve finished Cobra Kai?

If, like me, you’ve reached the end of Cobra Kai and crave more sensei-level excitement, you may find this two-piece from Japanese makers ROTOL of interest. It’s available over at Kikunobu Shop as a separate jacket and trouser. But for the full Daniel-San experience, you’ll probably want to double-team them like the long-haired bro in the picture.

It’s not entirely clear why he’s standing in a pile of broken wood. Perhaps he lost his temper with a table and went full Miyagi-do? To my mind he looks a bit disappointed, like he’s just realised he’s now got nothing to eat his dinner off. Even so, his outfit is well-weapon.

The whole thing is made of satin and does look extremely pyjamary. Still, the lines between indoors and outdoors have never been more blurred. Maybe nipping to your local Spar in luxe PJs is the done thing? If I wasn’t entirely averse to paying for Murdoch media, a glance at the Times Style barometer would doubtless set me straight. But I’ve got to make up my own mind. It’s easy to type that I’d definitely pop out for a can of beans covered in embroidered dragons  — see I’ve just done it. But would I? Would I actually?

Maybe my enjoyment of Cobra Kai has concussed my taste. If I think about it, while I appreciate the shape of the garments, and I do love loose-fitting, unlined suiting, I don’t think I can get past the dragons. It’s a pity, because there are some great details hidden behind that patterning. On the jacket there are diagonal pockets like a coach jacket and there’s a button at the rear of the collar to make it easy to wear standing up like a blazer, or flat like a shirt. The elasticated trousers are loose with a subtle taper and feature mini-zipped pockets so you won’t lose your keys.

I admire the confidence at play here. And as as I say, I’m all about that wax-on wax-off life. But in the real world of Peckham, I’d look like the menu at my local Dim Sum restaurant. For me, it’s a bit too kung-foolish.

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