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White Mountaineering: Shirts like this will quickly find their purpose again

I ate a prawn on Wednesday. The first prawn I’ve eaten in a year. My girl hates prawns, she says she won’t eat anything with a face. Consequently they are never included in our Ocado deliveries. The store around the corner does sell prawns, but they’re ‘corner shop’ prawns and I have a deep mistrust of anything sold alongside anonymous bags of frozen chicken legs and Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Pizzas. (Is he even a real doctor?) 

So on Wednesday I Deliveroo-ed a Yaki Soba from Wagamama and ate my first prawn in a year. Quite the shock it was too. Shockingly familiar, it tasted just like a prawn did a year ago. So precisely did it taste like a prawn, I barely noticed it. 

It’s a common worry right now that when things go back to normal it’ll be weird. That people will have forgotten how to make small talk, or buy a train ticket, or drink three pints without publicly shitting themselves. But I don’t believe it. I think that however this plays out, however long it takes before we approach normality, we’ll all slide right back into how we were without much effort at all. Just like my anticlimactic prawn, we’ll be small-talking and using our rucksacks to nab a double-seat and lining up the Jägerbombs just like before. And shirts like this one will quickly find their purpose again.

It’s a beautiful looking thing this. There are five different fabric types going on here, resulting in an extremely refined and easily wearable version of the kind of thing Comme des Garçons SHIRT occasionally delivers. It’s from the outdoor enthusiasts over at White Mountaineering, but it’s more of an indoor weapon if you ask me. This is the ideal first-night-back-in-the-pub shirt, intricate, luxe and packing enough stopping-power to provoke a “where the hell did you get that?” from the most random of strangers.

At around £200 direct from White Mountaineering Japan, it’s cheaper than a Comme, certainly more rare and arguably more desirable. I haven’t seen any UK stockists so far.

It’s a little oversized in the fit and features snap buttons at the neck  — all in all, just about perfect. I can’t just lash out on this though. I’ve made so many lockdown purchases my girl is starting to more regularly scrutinise my fiduciary responsibilities. Maybe I’ll knock the Deliveroos on the head for a while? Keep the pennies on lock and save them for this. I’m not even that into prawns.

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