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Smock: Not ‘just like’ anything

Florals, like so many elements of menswear, are easily mishandled. A blossomy Engineered Garments parka worn beneath a navy field vest looks superb. An equally florid shirt teamed with thin trousers and driving shoes makes you look like you’ve been dressed by your wife.

Quality, brand, print, colour — florals are a broad church, and I’m sorry but your flowery H&M shirt is not the same as a jacket like the one above from Smock. This blazer features an impressionistic suggestion of flowers; muted yet bold; gaudy yet sophisticated. A flowery H&M shirt is just what knobs wear.


Too harsh? Probably. It’s just that context in menswear is so vital, yet so often overlooked. Just because a garment has flowers on doesn’t make it good. If another dude tells me that his chain-store shirt is, “just like” something I ordered from a little known brand in South Korea I’m going to kick my own teeth out. Sorry mate but this lifestyle is all in. There are no half measures, you can’t fake it by dropping a ton at Boohoo. This blazer is a perfect example. You’ll either have to own it, or forget it.


The brand Smock is based in LA and (I believe) falls under the Mohawk General Store umbrella. There’s actually a stand-alone Smock store on West Sunset Boulevard. The next time I’m over, I’m going. Most of the pieces look pretty subdued, but this blazer (or rather blazers; there are three colourways – gray, avocado and bark don’t you know) has gone straight into my top three wants.

There’s a sort of Engineered Garments style cultivated brashness about it, but it’s from a brand with a daft name and one that enjoys a cultural presence in the UK of minus zero — there’s nothing here not to love.

I’m not entirely sure which colour I’d choose. I think maybe gray. Second choice avocado. Sorry bark. I am pretty blown away by these though. Sadly I’m just not feeling the $468 right now. I broached the idea of dropping £110 on an Eastlogue jacket with my girl yesterday. Let’s just say, we mutually agreed it wasn’t a good idea. So I guess that’s that. This lifestyle is all in. Unless you’ve got nothing to put in. Then you just sit at home miserably calling people you’ve never met knobs.

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