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Kenneth Field drops at The Bureau

Give me strength. Global economic prospects look dire. Everyone’s furloughed, going part-time or taking voluntary pay cuts. I can’t seem to get hold of crunchy peanut butter anywhere. And yet the exciting menswear drops keep coming.

New in at the ever mighty The Bureau in Belfast is Kenneth Field. Sounds like a character from an 80s sit-com (I’m seeing Anton Rodgers or Keith Barron) but farcical misunderstandings aside, it is of course a beautiful range of casual wear.

This is the piece that’s got me pondering the size of my war chest. It’s a comparatively affordable £185. It’s 100% cotton. It’s made in Japan. And it looks like vintage Laura Ashley. What’s not to want.

In menswear there’s definitely a niche within a niche that celebrates the idea of dudes dressing like grannies. I mean, stick this on a doddery old dear dragging her basket full of incontinence towels around Budgens and you wouldn’t give it much thought. But this same piece on a bro, hair down to his ears, chin like a butchers block, well… now we’re talking all kinds of spectacular.

Of course, like everyone, I’m trying to keep a lid on spending. And just to be clear, I do not need this. But… I’m as susceptible to the devil on my shoulder as the next idiot. What if they sell out? What if they’re all gone by sale time? What if lockdown eases, there isn’t a second peak and we’re all down the pub in no time and I’m not wearing this? The struggle is real people.

For now, I’m going to keep my coins in my purse. This is a savage jacket. And one I’d very much like to pair with some oversized navy trousers, trail-runners, a bucket hat and a demeanour that suggests my body’s for sale at the right price. But for now at least, good sense prevails. Time for some tea and smooth peanut butter on toast.

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