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YSTRDY’S TMRRW: a fleece of a different hue

A fleece means different things to different people. To the vast majority it means something body-conscious from Berghaus — a garment with a griege anonymity so powerful it’s the closest we’ve come to developing an actual Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. To others a fleece is what your gran wears to do the gardening. To a Shetland sheep it’s the only thing standing in the way of an abattoir hook. To Jason and his Argonauts, it means something quite different again.

On this site, a fleece means a boxy shape. It means a truncated length. It means a few utilitarian or vintage style details. And colour-wise it usually means camel. But not so today. This number from YSTRDY’S TMRRW ticks all the stylistic boxes, but presents itself in a rich turquoisey blue. The colour of a idealised ocean. Or a fine piece of Lalique. Or the Co-Op logo.

This is just a very cool garment. On its own, just over a shirt or tee, it’ll kill in a pub. But I also think it’ll earn its keep worn beneath something else. If, like me, you’ve got something approaching  a classic A-line overcoat in your arsenal, wearing this as a layer underneath will help contemporise your vibe. I love simple A-line overcoats — my go-to right now is a beige Nanamica (nobbled in the sale) — but they can come off a bit frumpy; like your bible is GQ’s rules for dressing like a young Michael Caine.

There’s velvet piping onboard (which sounds nicely fancyboy) a couple of patch pockets (which obviously you’d never actually put anything in for fear of compromising the shape) and that truncated shape, which would compliment a longer-line shirt for that Nepenthes look-book feel.

You can grab this over at Coverchord for around £287 quid, which I think is okay — although, you know the deal, you’ve got shipping, proxy and import duty to consider as well. For me the blue is the weapon. It’s different enough, without being too fashiony. It won’t be an embarrassment come next winter, indeed I reckon it’ll remain a pretty inspiring choice. For those unconvinced I’ll begrudgingly add that it’s also available in beige and black too. Failing that, perhaps sir would be more comfortable in this.

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