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Soulland: schizophrenic shirting for the individualist

I find myself drawn to the brand Soulland. For a reason only clear to my subconscious, I’ve previously viewed Soulland as something of a gateway brand — a quick way for a novice menswearist to wear a logoed-T that didn’t originate on the high-street. There was a period a handful of years back when, in central London at least, branded Soulland pieces seemed a prevailing trend. I suspect this coloured my view. Either way, I decided to swerve the brand and have done until now. But this season’s shirts are making me reconsider my position.


Don’t know about you, but I rarely see patchwork shirts in the wild. Common as they are in collections from Comme des Garçons to RANDT, in real life they rarely seem to make an appearance. Last time I saw one was in Garbstore, worn by a sales assistant — does in-a-shop count as IRL? Anyway, this comparative unpopularity makes me want to champion patchwork shirts all the more. And these Soulland offerings, assembled from stockpiles of previous season’s fabrics look pretty fresh to me.

I’ll leave you to work out the three styles yourself. But suffice to say, one is a straight-up buttoned shirt, while the other two, one in dark fabrics, one in light, are zip-up semi-jacket shirts. But this is isn’t outerwear we’re talking about here — not in this weather at least. They’re all unlined and in shirt-weight cotton — zip or button, they’re all just fancy shirts. I like them though, all the more because I notice they’ve just gone on sale. Still ‘spenny — what isn’t in the landscape of quality indie menswear? — but they’re certainly stand-out enough to provide a few years of value. It looks to me like they’ve got all the sizes in each of the styles over at retailer Soto. I told you nobody wears patchwork shirts.

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