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From wanker-banker to Kubrick astronaut

If you look at the top-down silhouette, these loafers look treacherously like the kind of square-toed wazz worn by threadbare commuters. They bring to mind 90’s Patrick Cox shoes; a chisel-ended form that’s remarkably still championed by the accountancy community today. Perhaps the stubby look… Read More

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The remnants of a cock fight

Within certain pieces of heritage outerwear you’ll  find a ‘poacher’s pocket’. A sizeable pouch, designed, so it’s said, to conceal pilfered game or fish. What you’re looking at is not a poacher’s pocket. But rather a regular shirt pocket, stuffed with the apparent remnants of… Read More

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A perpetual grimace

This knitwear will enthusiastically bugger your wallet. By my (and XE’s) estimation, it’ll run you five hundred and three pounds and seventy one pee. Not including postage. Which is quite a lot when you think about it. In fact, you don’t really need to think… Read More