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Nepenthes London: Sasquatchfabrix over-shirt

The Nepenthes London outpost is filling up nicely. The downstairs has recently opened up featuring footwear and South2 West8. There’s also a space devoted to popups and colabs, currently filled with merch by Tacoma Fuji Records, the fictional music-based art collective founded by Tomoro Watanabe. There’s also room in the store (and the webstore) for Sasquatchfabrix, the Tokyo-based imprint that twists-up 90s skate and graffiti culture and turns it into something new.

To make this over-shirt Sasquatchfabrix have used an extremely precise, traditional approach to printmaking called Sumi-Nagashi. A lot of effort to make it look like you’ve had a fight with a family tub of Sudocrem.

It’s different though, you’ve got to give them that. The cut itself, loose and collarless is a brand staple. Sasquatchfabrix do them every season, same shape, same snap buttons, wildly different print. And while I don’t own one, the simple cut (more than the pattern) appeals. These shirts just look so easy to wear. Buttoned up, beneath a casual blazer as a sort of imposter waistcoat, or just shrugged over a tee as an over-shirt; the cut appears supremely versatile.

Which just leaves the matter of the print and whether the whole ‘bukkake victim’ thing does it for you. Personally, it’s not my favourite. And the splatter isn’t even the problem. I just tend to get more wear out of darker pieces. I also struggle with grey. I’m never quite sure how grey slots into my palette of navy, khaki and white. It doesn’t gleam like white and frequently leaves me and my dreary pallor feeling under-framed. Christ, I’ve just read that back. What a prize ponce I really am.

Anyway, the whole thing is probably moot. This over-shirt costs £499. A fact that will probably make you feel as if reading this nonsense was more of a waste of time than you already thought it was. You have my gratitude.

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