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Confident enough for a Japanese style Noragi coat?

I suspect I too frequently underestimate the challenge some of this site’s styles present. Taking the step into very wide trousers (of the type championed by Needles or Studio Nicholson) is, for many, I imagine a step too far. Similarly, I assume there are a large number of enthusiastic clothesmen who like the idea of standing out, but nevertheless consider a Japanese style Noragi coat to be the preserve of the clinically berserk. It’s a shame. As this wrap-over style, frequently held in place by a single tie, is actually an extremely practical and comfortable choice. No question, you’ll look a bit like a vintage porn actor. But, you know. Bad?

Perhaps dressing a bit ‘blue movie’ is what’s needed in this period of socio-political unrest. I mean the Noragi is basically an outdoors dressing gown. Think about it. A busy high-street full of bros, looking all louche in daytime-nightwear, cigarillos at 45%, attitude beyond geometric understanding. They’d be a lot of raised temperatures. A lot of flushed faces and carnal tickles, minds a whir with purple shenanigans. Perhaps under these circumstances people would forget about Brexit. About idiot leavers and pompous remainers. Instead, thoughts would be earthy and lewd, exciting and alive. No one would even make the time to remember that we all hate each other.

This Noragi is from the brand ATHA. Country of origin: Japan. Availability: scarce. As you can see from the pics, it comes in a blue and yellow check (love) and chocolate brown (not so much). For the digital tourist, it’s available over at Raycoal, via the usual proxy plus import duty headaches.

It looks roomy and swishy and ideal for the retro-minded gigolo. Although it is a one size fits all garment. So I guess it’ll be as large as you are small.

If you’re on the fence with this style, all I can suggest is, give it a try. I’ve got a couple of jackets in this style and they’re in frequent rotation. Although it must be said, I’m extremely comfortable spreading a sense of frustrated erotica wherever I go. In fact it’s a key component of my personal brandeye.

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