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Beige plus beige equals what?

Do you double beige? You know, beige-on-beige. Beige trousers and beige jacket. Admittedly it’s a lot of beige. Mathematically around 50% more beige than you’re comfortable wearing in one go. But, perhaps you’ve seen the popularity of double beige on Instagram. Maybe you’ve encountered it over at the brand Studio Nicholson – they’re big on double beige and have been pimping it aggressively all summer.

As I write, I’m sitting on a train double-beigeing it. I’m wearing a pair of extremely wide beige trousers from the aforementioned Studio Nicholson and a beige raincoat by Nanamica. The trousers are heavy cotton, the raincoat is Gore-Tex, but the exact tone of beige is virtually identical. If I stand still I look like a tomb.

Does it actually suit me? Not sure if I’m honest. The raincoat (enjoying it’s first wear) is probably in the eyes of some, more age-appropriate than some of my other pieces. But as far as the wall of beige goes, I have to say, after a while you forget about it. Some of the glances I received outside Paddington station reminded me, but as regular readers will attest, I tend to view such things as a positive.

The jacket in the pictures is from hot South Korean brand Beheavyer and as you can see it’s ideal for double-beigeing. Kind of like a cardigan, but in flat cotton/poly fabric. There’s no collar, three pockets on the front and an inside pocket at the chest. The buttons are concealed, save the top two, which gives the jacket a contemporary, off-duty X-Wing pilot vibe. You can grab it over at Stable in Korea.

Back to me on the train, I accidentally misled you earlier, you see I’m actually triple-beigeing. I forgot to mention my beige Needles hat. I threw it on because it was raining. And now I suspect I might be over-biegeing. Can you ever over-biege? This is a journey into new territory.

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