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The wearable equivalent of a found footage horror film

If you thought yesterday’s trouser proposal a little too debonair, you certainly find today’s more down-to-earth. Constructed from military-issue sleeping bags and apparently, “one year damaged” these cargo trousers from Japan’s Kapital are the wearable equivalent of a found footage horror film. They look like they’ve been electrocuted and submerged in a bamboo cage full of leeches. They’ve been to hell and back, with a toilet break in Afghanistan. The tales these poor fuckers could tell.

Obviously it takes a lot of money to look this screwed up. And yes, you’ll need £500 plus to join the party. But, as with much of Kapital’s output, there’s a bunch of technical detail that goes some way towards justifying the cost. Here we’ve got the “one year aged dye treatment”, “patchwork construction with worn, deconstructed and reupholstered detailing”, “a ribbed, elasticated waistband with interwoven drawstring cinching” and some giant pockets, a large zip up the front, velcro, snap button pockets… etc… etc… Suffice to say, it’s a non-trivial pair of trousers.

I think they’d look best with plain navy base; I’m thinking Engineered Garments navy Loiter jacket, navy bucket hat, tee and shoes. That way, the (cough) narrative of the trousers can do their job, unencumbered by any other extraneous detail. The dude here is rocking them with a Kapital bandana jacket; for me, that’s a touch too much dreamcatcher for one fit.

KOUNTRY KATSURAGI Sleeper Cargo Pants (1 Year Damaged) Khaki

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