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You are now both ‘style guys’

One of the problems facing the brand snob (and if you’ve even the slightest interest in this site’s usual contents, you are one) is that brands like Oliver Spencer are routinely ignored. It’s not that the products are bad, it’s just that they’re over familiar. Oliver Spencer is easy to buy, easy to wear and goes on sale like clockwork. Which is when that mate of yours, who isn’t at all into clothes, ends up in the pub in a discounted Spencer shirt, happily pointing out how you are now both ‘style guys.’

Thing is, if something’s interesting, it’d be churlish to ignore it just because it’s from a more ‘mainers’ brand. And I usually would. But today, I’m either feeling lazy or have a new found sense of wellbeing to all men. So here’s a pair of genuinely brilliant Oliver Spencer shoes.

Oliver Spencer’s site goes large with the Creeper references, Teddy Boys, Punks etc… selling the idea of UK counter-culture to the brand’s typically monied and, let’s be honest, broadly un-counter-cultural customers. But that said, the shoes are lovely. There appears to be a decent chunky sole on them, along with quilted toe detail and a D-ring lacing system. This particular ‘hazel’ colourway get’s my vote, although they’re also available in grey and black.

There is unfortunately one irritation. And it’s not the price – £249 seems reasonable to me. It’s that little red tab thing on the heel. Why would you stick that on there? Why? It ruins a perfectly anonymous pair of shoes. If I wanted details from the early 00’s I’d go to Dune.

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