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The honesty is off the charts

If you’re familiar with Japanese retailer Acoustics, you’ll know they boast an enviable roster of brands. Yacea, Too Good, Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist, Casey Casey, the Nepenthes family, Nisica, Sanca: the list goes on. You might also have noticed how they show the clothes. Raw, unfiltered, natural shots. Just bros, wearing stuff; snapped, usually outdoors. It’s a marked contrast to how western indies usually spend time styling the look, lighting the subject and positioning them against a modish industrial interior. The Acoustics models look like they’ve just tossed the kit on and gone for a stroll.

Case in point: this set of images featuring a giant body-bag from BROWN by 2-tacs. Dude’s just standing there, by a car park and a flyover. The fucks given are few. But the honesty is off the charts. Acoustics is basically saying that if you buy this, this is exactly what you’re going to look like.

Whether this is exactly what you want to look like is a different issue. This is a bold piece. It’s really a bag, with just a nodding acquaintance in the direction of being a piece of clothing. There are four pockets on the front for all your life-stuff and it’s buttoned up the sides, with straps over the shoulders. It feels kind of crude. Heavy looking cotton. Thick stitching. Serviceable buttons. Don’t plumbers wear this kind of thing?


BROWN by 2-tacs isn’t available in the UK, it’s awkward to buy, so it satisfies one of the key mandates of this site. I’m just not sure if it looks a bit difficult to wear. When Engineered Garments explore this kind of territory, the premium fabrics and precision cutting result in soft, easy layering pieces. This looks stubborn. Like it’d fight with anything worn over it; jutting out and fucking a bro’s silhouette. You’d look like you were made of polygons.

I like it. But I don’t want it. There’s utilitarian and then there’s looking like you repair dishwashers. Like prison, I’m too pretty for that life.

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