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Tealights on an imaginary beach

Canada’s Haven have unleashed new Kapital. Only for the headstrong, the drop includes the usual mix of mutilated denim, voluminous trousers, and skewed US references. Denim shorts with a skeleton bone print also feature; but for all our sakes, we won’t focus on them. This ‘Denim Fishing Kimono‘ is the standout.

If you’re looking for something that ticks all the boxes (Japanese make and styling, loads of pockets, beautiful fabric, attention to detail) this is your move.

This is such a heater you’re probably thinking price? I won’t dick about, it’s £430. I know, it’s an amount. It’s not not an amount. But, before you click away, take a second and really look at it. How many times have you seen anyone in something as good as this? I’m guessing less than never. And that’s the issue with so much of this kind of ‘premium casualwear’, it costs, but if you can stomach it, you’ll be a lord, a fucking urban prince.

Parking the enthusiasm for a second, there really are an absurd number of pockets on this. Inside it’s even got a couple of patch pockets you can’t see. How much stuff does a bro really need to carry? I know it’s inspired by a fishing garment, but no one’s going fishing in this. After a few months of wear it’d basically become a wearable bag: coins, notes, lighters, ticket stubs, napkins. You could actually lose your phone, while still having it on your person.

I’d like to think (cringeable fashion phrase incoming) this is a ‘forever piece’. I can imagine the right dude wearing this well into his 60s –  a relentless aesthete, a man for whom the journey of life is one long hedonistic beach party, filled with experimental dance, opium and posh girls with loose morals. The truth is Haven will have another drop soon. My attention will turn to the new. And the tealights on that imaginary beach will flicker and die.

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