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Subdued business

Some serious geometric realness here from Japan’s Bru Na Boinne. It’s like someone’s fired a cannon through a Hasbro warehouse – there’s definitely some Qwirkle in there, possibly even a bit of Rummikub. We’ve seen a fair bit of this kind of thing recently, notably from last season’s Noma t.d x Engineered Garments collaboration. Even so, to me, this piece still seems pretty fresh.

As statement jackets go, there’s certainly business going on, but it’s subdued. A black and grey palette keeps discretion on lock, so it won’t cause anyone to drop their pint. Consequently it’s going to offer free rein to the experimental menswearist. You can play it up from a foundation of basics, or go for a clash with other patterned attire, safe in the knowledge that its whole monochromatic Tetris thing ain’t going to freak no chickens.

Built from lightweight nylon, it’ll go under or over; I expect with me it’d get most play beneath a longer coat, that way I’d maintain control over how much boardgame action to reveal.

You never know, it might prove a good long term investment. After Brexit, once we’ve taken back control of our angry little island, and we realise we’ve no money, no food, no medicine and ITV can only afford to run Love Thy Neighbour 24/7, having a jacket that offers warmth and a wipe-clean surface for games of noughts and crosses could prove useful.

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