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Something of the Von Trapps

How does £229 sound for a woolly hat? It’s got a wool bit and a suede bit. Look at it, it’s Tibetan lothario-wear – Yak for breakfast, Yak for lunch, and for dinner, a spot of knee-dancing with the chicks down the panpipe disco. That’s a lifestyle right there.

This weird conjoining of two hat styles is, of course, from Kapital (never knowingly under-designed). Principally it’s a cable-knit cotton hat, but with the addition of suede panels around the crown and a pom-pom on the top for good measure. You’ve also got a suitably rustic looking label (common on so many beanies from Boncoura to VISVIM) in this case, suggesting an association with a naval laundry. That’s a lot of moving parts – arguably too many for one head to handle.

You can grab this over at Haven in either green or ecru. Given the choice, I’d go green. But as much as I admire its existence, I’m not sure I’d get a great deal of wear out of it. It’s got something of the Von Trapp family about it. Like it belongs with a pair of tight suede shorts. Which just to clarify, is not a look I feel compelled to explore.

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