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As on point as pointy things get

Seemingly mirroring the irrational times we live in, this compound creation from Kohei Nishimura’s Digawel is frankly deranged. A sweater, a sweatshirt or some diabolical hybrid? A bit of everything ever thunk; abstracted and suffused in hysteria. It’s a beautiful abomination. You would never own this. Neither (in the parlance of luxury watchmakers) are you merely looking after it for the next generation. This would own you. You will do its bidding. And it’s bidding is to make you appear simultaneously ridiculous and as on point as pointy things get.

The sheer volume of stuff going on on this one garment is bewildering. There are removable snap button sleeves, made of both cotton knit and cotton shirting. Then you’ve got an asymmetrical chest zip, a flapped chest pocket with zig-zag stitching and a pair of concealed pockets at the waist. Not forgetting the thick nylon on the body and a cotton knit at the hem and neck. Basically, this is architecture with sleeves.

Palette-wise there’s complementary and contrast with navy, ecru, white and royal blue doing the heavy lifting, with a smear of Caramac popping up on the cuffs.

Clearly significant thought has gone into building this cloth edifice. Less apparent is how it would fair in practical use. If it was hot enough to want to remove the sleeves, might a lighter weight, less knitted, less nylony top actually be preferable? Perhaps. But that’s missing the point. The point is, this exists. Sure it’ll cost you over £500. Yes you’ll need an instruction manual to use it. But really, this thing has just raised the bar for clothing with an unreasonable level of detail. Take pleasure in its unaffordable absurdity.

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