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I know, I know…

Occasionally this site has been accused of covering the unwearable. Rather than propose sober, workable pieces, it has been suggested that too frequently there’s a tendency to spotlight outright foolishness; presumably in an effort to shock or amuse. I refute such allegations. That said, it would be irresponsible to simply ignore the judgement of a dissatisfied minority. I hope today’s post illustrates this site’s continued commitment to clear-headed utility.

Lightweight (and light coloured) headwear is obviously useful for reflecting heat during the kind of scorching periods we are currently enduring. So, full disclosure, these hats are not for now. These hats are about keeping heat in, constructed, as they are, in wool and fleece. Hopefully soon, this furious sun will grow tired of watching grown men toddle about in sweat-drenched underpants and do one. Normal ashen-skied programming can resume. And you’ll be wanting to yank on a cosy hat, just like these.

They’re available over at Union by Comme des Garçons SHIRT. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Those of you who prefer more subdued, slightly less out-there clothing are looking at these images and rolling your eyes. I know, I know, one of them is bright red. Just try and ignore that one. Just stick with the black or grey and you’ll be fine.

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