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A bourgeois S&M introductory pack

Given the grotesque behaviour of the NRA and the current US political incumbency, spotlighting a “holster bag” is arguably a little insensitive. Indeed, with its lightweight cotton make up and selection of contemporary colour-ways, this is ideal TJ Hooker beachwear. But moving past the six-shooting, rug-headed cop stuff, what we’ve got here is a piece easily dismissed. But give it a little consideration and it starts to suggest a pleasingly specific, distinctive utility.

As you might have guessed, it’s part of Engineered Garments SS18 drop. And if you if you check the lead pic, you’ll see retailer Digital Mountain have chosen to style it over a jacket that already features a great any pockets. I’m not saying it doesn’t look good, but I’m not sure it makes much sense.

Wearing it under or (for the more robust of constitution) over a blazer would be my suggestion – adding a practical reason for its being (that of the convenient addition of storage) kind of bridges the weirdness of the look. It creates a more justifiable reason why you’re rocking a cotton holster.

Aside from the velcro and buckle flourishes, this is really just a single, strap-on pocket. About a third of a waistcoat. It certainly has the air of something you’d find in an especially bourgeois S&M introductory pack. But I’ve got the feels for it. I’d take it in grey and layer over a creased Comme des Garçons blazer. It might wrinkle a few noses. But at least I’d know the most dangerous thing in my holster would be a packet of Snack a Jack.

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