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Ploughing into the back of a Megabus

Motorbikes were cool when you were young. Then at some point you discover they’re involved in a large percentage of road traffic accidents. And you imagine it’d be difficult to get to the disco with both legs in traction and your brain in a sling.  So you forget about motorbikes and eventually buy a Prius. Then, many years later, Engineered Garments release a new ‘Moto’ trouser. And while you’re still terrified of ploughing into the back of a Megabus on the M6, you do start to wonder if a pair of cotton motorbike trousers might protect your shins from baby strollers in your local cafe?

Continuing yesterday’s statement trouser theme, again we’re in very-confident-man territory. The inhabitant of these trousers would doubtless field some considerable attention, perhaps not all of it positive. Some observers would simply question the multiple shades of blue on a single trouser. While the (mildly) more erudite might spotlight the inadequacy of summer weight cotton as insulation from a 60mph pile-up. Either way, unless your social circle is entirely comprised of menswear devotees, you should probably anticipate a little static.

They are certainly daring and dandyish in navy. But Belfast stockist The Bureau also offers these in olive, black and bright blue.

Putting aside the rigidity of backbone one would need to pull off the bright blue ones, I’ve just noticed that on The Bureau they’re referred to as a “flying style pant“. So nothing to do with motorbikes then? A more diligent reporter would go back and amend all that earlier guff about highway collisions. Whatever… flying trousers or bike trousers, I still maintain they’d function pretty well to buy a latte in.

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