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Juggling for pennies

The block colour pant. You see it frequently, at Junya of course, Kapital and Engineered Garments Workaday. If we define office-boy, entry level ‘flair’ is as wacky socks and ties. And then define the next level of boldness as patterned parkas, Hawaiian shirting – power top halves basically. Then at the apex (alongside ridiculous headwear) has to be statement trousers. It takes a special kind of fearlessness to take on a pair of Eastlogue trousers like this. That’s why I’m doing it from behind the safety of my keyboard.

To get away with them, you’ve got to keep what’s on top and your shoe choices simple. These trousers need to be anaesthetised. But don’t worry, even subject to a quiet framing of navy on top and maybe simple white kicks, they’ll still do a lot of talking.

Even putting the colour blocking to one side, there’s plenty of interest here. Eastlogue are, to put it mildly, prone to explore the notion of pocketing. Scrutinising the very concept of what a thing is that’s attached to your garment, that you then put stuff in. Here we can see they’ve gone for a pair of side seam snap button numbers, augmented on the front by another pair of smaller buttoned pockets, and then they’ve put another pocket above, just to be sure. That’s not including your regular welted pockets front and back. But of course, as we’ve discussed on these pages before, you wouldn’t actually put anything in them. We are, after all, not monsters.

Onboard you’ll also find a self-belt; the whole package really is a treat for the detail minded menswearman. A treat, assuming you’re prepared to grapple the two-toneness into submission. Just be careful what your wear with them. With these on, you’re one bad hat away from looking like you’re juggling for pennies.

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