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Small steps and giant strides

I’ve found Mother Earth fist bumpers Atelier & Repairs a little elusive. Their site claims eco-friendly outposts in London and LA, but I emailed the London branch months ago and heard nothing. I just wanted to know if one could pop by to try stuff on? Thing is, from their site it’s not entirely clear if their locations are shops as such, or more workrooms; a random pop-in might not be welcome. I really must chase this up, because their wares are off the charts – a tangle of Kaptial-style free-expression and Syd Barrett’s worst comedown. This schizophrenic kimono is case in point.

The brand sources clothes and then turns them into something new. This is what they have to say about the kimono:

When we found a group of these winter jacket liners, we decided to interpret them with an east-meets-west sensibility. We took this piece, removed the buttons, added ties for the wrap closure, and reimagined it with a kimono-style collar in a brocade fabric. It features an added orange right front pocket and an internal pocket for utility.

Just sensible thinking in my view. Why bright orange for the pocket? Who knows, probably just because it looks banging. I think Atelier & Repairs’ work is amazing. Small steps towards averting ecological disaster, but giant strides in progressing what constitutes interesting menswear. They’ve got me sold. At least they would have if they returned my emails.

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