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Does the back ruin things?

This is fully a thing. Interesting no? That said, it’s only available in small right now. It’s part of a recent, pretty comprehensive NOMA T.D drop over at Goodhood, but I notice quite a few of the pieces are only available in specific sizes. So either Goodhood is still waiting on the other sizes, or (remarkably) there’s a berserk appetite for NOMA T.D in east London right now.

If you want to join the NOMA T.D party, you better be quick, I do think it’s worth checking out the full range, there are some pretty strong knits and embroidered jackets going on. This field jacket stands out for me though. The mash up of army khaki and royal blue embroidery on the collar and over the pockets bangs in my view. But does the back ruin things?

I’m not sure I want to party with that bird on the back? It’s a bit like, what are you doing there? The front is all edgy, with an arresting, but respectful colour clash. The back is like, here’s a fucking bird, what do you want from me? Without the bird it’s a jacket. With the bird it’s a bird jacket.

Not wearing your bird jacket today mate?” “What’s with that bird on your jacket?

I’ve changed my mind.. Fuck this jacket and its stupid bird.

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