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A navy coat with tonal detail on the pockets and cuffs and that

Nanamica always bring the sensible. Just when I feel like I’m becoming too submerged in the Kapital and VISVIM style beads ‘n’ bongos aesthetic, Nanamica drops some banging, elevated navy basic and my mental dial is reset. Certainly, this quiet cotton/nylon coat isn’t going to explode anyone’s eyeballs. But you need that. You’ve got to have foundation pieces in the mix. You’ve got to have a sober framework; something to tranquillise your fistfuls of Haight-Ashbury accessories.

Clock the tonal detail around the pockets and the cuffs, that’s what I’m talking about. In one respect it’s a navy coat, in every other respect it’s a navy coat with tonal detail on the pockets and cuffs and that, right there, is why it’s worth its 250 coins. At least it’s 250 over at Japanese retailer Strato (plus postage and duty) I’d expect another 50+ on top from a UK retailer.

On the technical front the fabric uses cotton for warp yarn and nylon for weft yarn leading to an especially dense cloth. There are popper buttons up front and an inside pocket. Simple enough. Nothing to scare the stallions. But you’ve got to have something like this among your ordinance. Use this as the bedrock of your look, then go to town with the cartoon bucket hats and shell necklaces. Don’t worry, you’ll still look like a berk.

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