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Soil drainage searches

Japanese Americana fetishists Riding High are another new imprint over at The Bureau. And these reversible fleecey zip up cardie/jackets are about as now as it’s possible to be. I clocked this model in tan while over in Paris last week at the outfitter Jinji – only an inopportune state of insolvency prevented me from copping. Now, on my return, I find the olive and charcoal colourways are taunting me from my browser.

When one is in the middle of harvesting an absurd amount of stamp duty with which to purchase a flat, I find it really insensitive that desirable Japanese brands continue to mock me with new garments. Garments that without which I am incomplete. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the entire global independent menswear industry isn’t especially concerned with my ability to effectively conclude a property purchase.

Anyway… for those of you with recourse to sufficient funds, these fleeces might be of interest. They’re liner style, featuring boa fabric (the fluffy bit) and waffle knitted cotton on the plain white side. And as I say, they are extremely now – in that fleeces are currently (cough) fashionable. A fact that, depending on your relationship the notion of ‘trend’, might dissuade as much as encourage. Still, they do look bloody warm.

Are they £325 warm? Not for me they’re not. I mean yes, yes they are, under the normal piss-away-money-on-more-jackets-than-I-need circumstances. And assuming you, Monsieur Reader, are still untethered by responsibility, go for your life. I’m afraid I’m going to have to sit this one out. I’ve got soil drainage searches to pay for.

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