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You’re the realness bruh

So on Monday we discussed ochre. And yesterday brought the brand Folk back to mind. Today touches on both themes as this ochre jacket, with its bold yellow circular pocket trim, looks like it’s come straight from a Folk 2010 look book. Actually we’re looking at a Tender Linen Type 944 coat – £510 worth of English woven cotton canvas. Practical, yet conspicuous; it’s a banger, but is it half a grand’s worth of banger?

Rather like the brand Story MFG, Tender deal in homespun artisanal creations. Everything from the selection of the shell Daks buttons to the pigment dying is performed by hand. These are clothes made, not manufactured. These are earth clothes – for those with grub under their nails, but a Soho House membership card in their wallet.

Whether you deem this worth its bounty is surely dependent entirely on your personal wealth. If you’re comfortable dropping a monkey on an unlined canvas jacket you’re the target market. Hilditch & Key, financial services and after-work drinks at Sketch during the week. And at the weekend it’s OrSlow jeans, Soul Train at the Bussey Building and a girl with pink messy hair who steals your cigarettes. You’re the realness bruh. If you just got some of those Needles trackies you’d be like A$AP.

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