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A highly successful televangelist

Specialising in reconstructing boro fabrics and garments, Japanese brand KUON also offer a significant range of more modern, directional casual wear. The Bureau now provides UKists with their first opportunity to easily access the brand, although be advised, this is premium merch, with a vigorous approach to pricing.

Amongst an edit of standout pieces this Beige Hunting Coat is the overlord. Superlatives fail. If you’re not sexing on this thing right now, you have no business professing an interest in menswearism. This thing is Jesus Christ reborn in cloth. If it wasn’t an inanimate object of polyester and nylon, I’d expect it to become a highly successful televangelist.

That it is reversible is just extra icing on an already teeth achingly sickly cake. It’s high–density mushroom fabric on the beige side – neat, pristine and perfectly accented with pale grey. On the boa side, there’s a swathe of vintage tent fabric at the bottom, smashing expectations and creating a juxtaposition so flawless viewers will feel baptised by its heady purity. I assume it’s clear how much I like this coat.

The audacious use of the patterned fabric reminds me a little of early Folk clothing. Back when the brand’s adherence to washed out colour, piping details and multi-coloured trims seemed to encapsulate all that was great about the past and the future. It’s a shame Folk seem more preoccupied with seasonal variations in navy and grey these days.

Anyway, KUON. Definitely a brand to get on your radar. Check out the full range over at The Bureau. But yes, you’ll need a healthy purse of monies to play. This coat is £910. Folk style pricing it is not.

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