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In the market for a level of discomfort

Just when it appears there is nothing to be added to the whole plain-t-shirt-with-fancy-pocket conversation, these appear. I don’t know much about Japanese imprint Habanos. They refer to themselves as HBNS on their website. And a quick Google Translate reveals the usual patter about, “expressions“, “work, military and surf” and experiencing things through “nature“. But beyond peddling the ecosystem of feels, the brand seems to concern itself with sporty windcheaters, roomy, pleated shorts, patchworky denim and putting weird pockets on t-shirts.

I don’t feel I’m in this game. While no doubt, big fleecy pockets on tees are sort of different, sort of interesting, I just feel they look a bit conspicuous. A bit, “look at Mr Fucking Furry Pocket.”

I dare say one of these would pump up a simple t-shirt, shorts and kicks beach look. But I suppose, what with all that fur, you’d  find your left teat getting a lot hotter than your right. I’m not sure I’m in the market for that level of discomfort.

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