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Another sporty but ephemeral, hypebeast-heater?

Facetasm is one of those oddball streetwear brands that resides in the Dover Street Market basement. It’s an imprint as crackpot as it is inscrutable, boasting a pricing structure ruinous to all but the most muscular of checking accounts. Their billowing tees and jumbo backpacks suggest Facetasm is just another sporty but ephemeral, hypebeast-heater. But look closer and you’ll find some solid, wearable pieces in the mix.

Basically, this is just a really well made bomber jacket. Assuming you ignore the mammoth wool rib detail slicing up the sleeves – the addition of which is really the point. It’s got a neat layered rib collar, a tough 100% nylon make-up and vaguely interesting seam detail, but ultimately, it’s all about the lasering red, white and blue. As a juxtaposition with the khaki, it looks, I guess, modern. Certainly unusual. Worth 685 quid? Not so sure.

I’d wear it. I mean, it’s a piece right? It is unquestionably a piece. Would I feel too old for it? Probably. Would I wear it anyway? Probably. For about a week.

I did say at the top it was wearable. I just didn’t say for how long.

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