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I mean, this isn’t 1997

Engineered Garments routinely interweave florid prints throughout the navys, greys and khakis of their workweary collections. Often the patterns are relatively muted, particularly within the Fall collections. But check out the kaleidoscopic horticulture on this. And the butterflies.

This is from the first winter 17 drop over at Digital Mountain. And, frankly, anyone thinking of wearing this would have to be extremely comfortable with their place in the world? You’d have to be a poet right? Or a Morrissey impersonator? Or an extremely forthright florist? Or perhaps just an averagely deluded, middle-aged guy (hello). One who thinks a bright flowery shirt will make him look as cool as the models in the EG look-book?

It is a bit fierce. And while I usually prostrate myself at all EG designer, Daiki Suzuki’s proposals, I’m not sure I’m man enough to pull this off. Not because I’m fearful of flowers. Or butterflies for that matter. (Although I don’t like moths.) It’s more because I don’t want anyone assuming I’m wearing Paul Smith. I mean, this isn’t 1997.

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