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Punch me for being confusing

A long, long time ago I used to frequent a discotheque in Stafford called The Colosseum. These were glitterball nights. Nights when any pair of threadbare trousers and leather lace-ups equalled ‘class’. While anything too casual was viewed by the venue with deep suspicion. The doorman, squeezed into his polyester tux, knew nothing of style, yet remained happy dismissing youths ambitious enough to try and convince the barely sentient oaf that chambray was in fact not denim. I can’t help but wonder how I would have fared in these denim shoes?

The brand behind these, Cabane De Zucca, have clearly been mining old issues of Smash Hits for inspiration. They’re straight from Kajagoogoo dressing up box and, in my view, are all the better for it. Course, I’m not suggesting you team them with an electro-shock hairdo and a pair of parachute pants tied-up with rope. But a little 80s reference in-amongst your regular get-up of (undoubted) on-point bangers will mark you out as an experimentalist, a great thinker and a sexual athlete.

It’s ironic that these, most 80s of shoes, wouldn’t have cut it with my own 80s regional bouncer. They’re shoes. But they’re denim. Does. Not Compute… I expect he’d have punched me for being confusing.

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