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Nothing to do with Mods

The last trend-aligned piece I bought was a pair of Needles tracksuit trousers. I bought them last year and have worn them a handful of times. Yesterday High Snobiety pronounced them “The worlds most hyped trackpants“. Clearly, I can never wear them again.

I am suspicious of things that may become too popular. Obviously not suspicious enough, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the trackies. But certainly suspicious enough not to want to get burned again. This cross-body bag from Master-Piece is a case in point.

Do you see youths strutting about in cross-body bags everyday where you live? I do. More often than not the bags are cheap, black, sporty and teamed with a Goth-Ninja-lite get-up of tracksuit bottoms, black long-sleeved tees and white dad sneakers. Pretty much the south London urban uniform.

Now this here bag isn’t cheap, nor is it black, nor would I propose hitting up Sports Direct for the rest of the outfit, but… it’s a cross-body bag. They are kind of a thing now. I’m not sure I belong at this particular party.

It’s a shame, as it’s a thing off beauty. Master-Piece make hardwearing, finely crafted pieces and for me, the mix of blue, tan and dark brown just looks virtually edible. Yes, with this strapped across your torso, there’s a strong chance you’ll look like a grime artist/German tourist hybrid, but since when has that not been a good thing?

For me, applying a more earthy, natural palette to regulation black streetwear styles often tends to look pretty strong. It confounds the expected, it offers something stand out. It’s a bit like in Quadrophenia, the way the Ace Face stands out in his pale grey suit amongst a sea of green parkas. Only sort of in reverse. And nothing to do with Mods.

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