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Fabric pornography

Coming with their own disclaimer, protecting the manufacturer against injury, accident and shock, these giant trousers take the fuller fit to the next level. Viewers of the image above can be forgiven for feeling a mix of awe and nervousness. It may be a casual pant but the decision to wear should not be taken casually. Rather like marriage they should be undertaken seriously, solemnly and with a element of terror.


The brand responsible for this irresponsibility is Auralee, a Japanese bunch who kicked off production in 2015. By twisting three Finkus cottons of ultra fine dyed thread they’ve produced a beautiful looking chambray gabardine, around four acres of which go into each pair.

big-trs-003 big-trs-004

You’ve got to admire the self-belting too. For a pair of trousers so unwieldy, this dash of trim, formality is positively humorous. You can grab them for £260 from Strato. Hardly cheap, but not exactly surprising for what basically amounts to fabric pornography.

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