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The journey to supreme self-possession

As a statement of care-free confidence, this hand-embroidered Kimono shirt by NOMA t.d. is about as powerful as it gets. At first glance it may look a little theatrical. A little ostentatious. But look smarter. It’s actually the complete opposite.

top-003This isn’t about a showy, look-at-me attitude. It’s about being comfortable. Both physically – it is after all, loose and easy to wear – and, I would argue, mentally. I’m not getting all spiritual (whatever that clownishness actually is?) I’m just saying that there is surely a comfort in being totally at ease with who you are and what you’re about. Many of us don’t get there. But being able to fully, genuinely relax into wearing a garment this beautiful, quite possibly represents a significant milestone in the journey to supreme self-possession.


As you can perhaps gather, I love this piece. And while I’m not entirely sure I have enough faith in myself to carry it off, it might be worth the £200 cost to find out.

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