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Not just any old blah

Now, this isn’t messing about. Once in a while I post about jackets that are a bit blah. You know, nice-enough-but-not-starting-any-bonfires. That’s not my intention, you can only discharge thinkings about kit that’s actually out there. But now and again there’s a piece like this. So exhaustingly inappropriate, it could barely be more appropriate.

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This is the Aizu-Tsumugi chore coat from Needles. Or rather these are… the brand has released this style in three different, stripe-heavy colourways. The results are paralysing. You might find your eyes have started itching. Check your watch, has it stopped ticking? If you needed a poo you’ll find it’s gone back in now. This is event jacketing. Nothing (outside of virtually everything) will ever be the same again.

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I make no apologies for posting about Needles again. They’ve just got a habit of dropping mad-warmth on the reg. Rendered in cotton pongee and fashioned after vintage coveralls, you can expect a light, but rich texture, breathability and solid fabric strength.

113718146_o3 113718130_o2

And my god, if they’re only £250 each (assuming you live in Japan, and don’t have horrible postage, import duty and proxy service charges to contend with.) Even so, I expect a UK resident could finagle one for around a threer. Whichever style you went for, for a jacket like this, that’s extremely appropriate.


  1. I’m struggling to decide which I like the most! Maybe the white/black. Or narrow blue stripes. Or possibly wide blue stripes. Or all three?

    In any case, excellent find.

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